Tonight I was honored to receive the 2012 Partner in Education Award from the Franklin Pierce School Board. This recognition is in direct response to the work done with City Treasures thrift store and the great people we have working there. Our team dedicates time and resources to bring nutritious food packs to the students at Elmhurst and Brookdale Elementary Schools. “Children are being nourished physically so that their minds can be nourished academically.”

Throughout the Parkland area elementary school students, like others all across the country, face the challenges of everyday life and education.  The challenges to learn and grow and become students that are eager to gain knowledge and experience that will help them become productive members of the community.  Unfortunately for many in Parkland that challenges is even greater.  They are faced with weekend hunger.  Counselors of the schools report that some of the elementary students, children in Kindergarten through 5th grade, are going home on Friday and not eating again until Monday morning for free breakfast.  That problem is compounded if the student happens to be running late for school.

Dr. Eric Scroggins and the team at City Treasures thrift store have decided that this is unacceptable and something must be done.  Each week the staff from the store; shops for, assembles and delivers food packs for 30 students in the Brookdale and Elmhurst Elementary schools.  The children are so excited and anticipate receiving the packs.  They are able to depend on us for enough food to provide some meals over the weekend.  The need is greater than the resources available.  Other schools have contacted us to provide the same kind of assistance to their students once funding is available.

These children need the nourishment in their bodies if we expect them to continue to nourish their minds.  Fed children learn better and are less apt to become disciplinary problems and can retain the information they are taught.  They become better students all around with a high probability to succeed in the educational process.