coaching-chartLeadership Coaching

Since 1995, Eric has assisted individuals who want to improve their productivity and performance. Working together creatively, leveraging technology, and utilizing a wide variety of customized-for-you resources, Eric helps clients in a powerful, one-on-one (or small group) dynamic to achieve your personal and professional objectives.  Coaching is designed with you in mind and in a way that will hold you accountable, give you tools to move beyond the block, perform at a higher level and evaluate situations from a broader perspective. If you are looking for a transforming experience, accountability, inspiration, confidentiality, and innovation, contact Eric today. The first consultation is complimentary. Coaching Packages tailored for you that include: Weekly “Executive Leadership” Conference Call – Collaborate with Eric and other top leaders to gain insight and strategies to break through and break out.  This call is inspiring and motivates you to conquer every challenge you face. Weekly One-on-One Coaching calls engaging Eric on a personal level to gain a better understanding of what is standing in your way, eliminate any barriers and take advantage of opportunities. Attendance to “Executive Leadership Summit” – Initial attendance to summit and free re-attends to as many Leadership Summits as you would like.  (Travel, accommodations, food not included)

Platinum Package

  • Pay 100% up-front and save $1,500 (8,495)
  • Make monthly payment, 20 payments of $500 ($9,995)
  • This package includes all of the above plus one 8 hour one on one consultation.  You can travel to me or I travel to you.  Additionally, I can be on site in your company, department or organization to help evaluate your performance.  Think of this like the golf instructor or batting coach watching you swing.  We can make on the spot adjustments to optimize performance.

Gold Package

  • Pay 100% up-front and save $1,000 ($3,995)
  • Make monthly payments, 10 payments of $500 ($4,995)
  • This package includes all of the above and is designed to build peak performance.  Through the weekly conference call and one-on-one sessions you gain powerful “Cultivated Insight” to the most challenging situations and circumstances and find ways to improve your performance.  Whether its building systems in your organization or working on leadership techniques you gain a better return on your investment.

Silver Package

  • Pay 100% up-front and save $500 ($2,995)
  • Make monthly payments, 7 payments of $500 ($3,495)
  • This package includes 2 one-on-one session each month, weekly attendance to the “Executive Leadership” conference call and attendance to the summit with free re-attends.

Optimizing Package

  • This package includes attendance to the Executive Leadership Summit and 2 one-hour phone consultations designed to boost results.


When you’re looking for rapid results, Eric Scroggins, “Cultivated Insight” tools can help you improve performance, transform cultures, and secure larger returns on investment. Eric is your catalyst for achieving breakthrough outcomes. He works with you collaboratively, a way in which you’ll obtain clear-cut action points, lots of accountability and the encouragement to see things through. Eric works toward client-centered objectives and goals, and his focus is always to transfer skills to you. The fastest ways to achieve your objectives are investing in yourself, your people, and process improvement. It’s all about leveraging the human asset. Eric works with an organization’s existing talent and resources. Often the answers lay not in new information, but in a better use of the information that’s already at hand.  Together we will find the fuel to launch your organization to achieve greater results.  Email or call Eric for a free evaluation of your needs and goals.